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Eliminate wind and bugs in your dining area


“I love my DuraScreens Retractable Screens!  They are so classy!”

-Lorna B.

“When my Grandson fell into my DuraScreens Retractable Screen I though I was going to be shelling out some bucks.  Much to my surprise the screen was fine.   Little Billy got that bike after all.

-John W.

“When my client mentioned that he wanted to really bring the outside in and have great window ventilation the first thing I thought of was DuraScreens Motorized Retractable Screens.”

Armonde S. – Architect

“I live in Boerne, TX, and in April, we had a hailstorm the likes of which we have never seen before. 60 MPH horizontal winds and golf ball sized hail. About half the people in my neighborhood (including me) are getting new rooves and nearly all of us had broken windows. Many of us also lost some big oak and elm trees. Even the glass on the solar panel for my ranch gate was smashed. Lots of damage and lots of cleanup. Except on my patio. The only damage that my 21′ screen incurred was that the zipper on one side came out of the track. I was able to unscrew the track and zip it back in in about 20 minutes. It works great. I thank the Lord that the damage was minimal and I thank your workers for designing and making a quality product.”

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