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Fixed Door Panels

If you’re tired of lightweight screens that droop and sag and can’t take the rigors of daily life—like toddlers, tipsy party guests, or baseballs—it’s time to order the last replacement screen you’ll ever need -DuraScreens fixed door screens.

Super Tough Stretch Fixed Door Panels

Fixed Door Panels from DuraScreens are custom made using a highly durable stretch screen fabric that can absorb massive amounts of energy, like golf balls hit from a driver at 120 mph, baseballs thrown at 90 mph, bowling balls hurled at them and even a daring salesman running headlong at a full size garage door screen (he bounced off like a child on a trampoline). In each and every instance, the DuraScreens absorbs the impact and instantly snaps back to a drum tight finish.

Easy to Install on any Door!

Since our fixed door panels stretch in every direction, it’s easy to get a drum tight, no sag installation—every time. You merely position the screen in your opening and let the installation screws pull your new DuraScreens into a super tight, resilient finish. DuraScreens won’t sag over time, and they cut down on wind and rain while keeping pests out, along with every other flying object, like errant baseballs.

Fixed Door Panels Custom Made For Any Opening

With DuraScreens’s exclusive stretch materials, we can provide a tight fitting, no-sag screen for any opening. Triangles, octagons, circles…bring it on. Just follow the fastening pattern we provide with your screen and you will achieve the super tight, beautiful finish you’re hoping for. Click here to see our tips for measuring.

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